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Android® Credit Cards

Charge credit cards directly from you Android® mobile phone.
Swipe cards and print receipts with our Merchant on the Go printer.

$24.95 per Month Flat Fee + 1.69% Swiped or 2.2% keyed and 30¢ per transaction

Swipe › Charge › Print

  • Charge Credit Cards with your Android Phone®
  • Print Receipts for Customers
  • 100% Guaranteed Safe & Secure Transactions
  • Swipe, Sign, and Print with our Merchant on the Go™ Wireless Printer

Merchant on the Move Android Software is FREE to all Merchant on the Move Customers!

With Merchant on the Move Android software, you can quickly and easily accept credit cards anywhere. With the addition of our Merchant on the Go printer/card reader you can securely swipe a credit card and print a receipt anywhere. You can even capture your customers signature on your Android which will be stored on our secure server. It is no longer necessary to print a second receipt for your records and the days of filing and transporting hundreds of little credit card receipts are over. View or reprint a receipt instantly through Transaction Central.

To get started you will first need to apply for a merchant account.

Apply Now
You will not be able to accept credit cards on your Android until your Merchant account with Primary Merchant Solutions has been approved.

Download the Merchant on the Move software FREE from the Android Marketplace.

There are 3 options for downloading the Merchant on the Move Android Software. Click here to see the available options.
1. We can E-Mail a Download Link directly to your Android.

E-Mail Address:
2. Or point your Phone Camera at the QR code below and scan it.
Android QR Code
3. Or you can download the software manually here.


Compatibility Guide

The Merchant on the Move Android Software is compatible with the following devices:
This list is for compatibility purposes only and does not ensure that a given device is available for sale. Please note that it is possible that a new device is available that has not yet been listed here. IMPORTANT NOTE: This package requires Android Version 2.01 or higher. For users with Android phones with an earlier version of the Android operating system, check with your carrier for an upgrade. If an upgrade is not available, a free keyed-only version is available here.

HTC Aria

HTC Inspire

LG Phoenix

Motorola ATRIX

Motorola Backflip
Motorola Bravo

Motorola Flipout

Motorola Flipside

Pantech Crossover

Samsung Captivate
Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Infuse

Sony Ericsson Xperia

Casio Commando

Droid 2

Droid 2 Global

Droid Charge

Droid Eris
Droid Incredible

Droid Pro

Droid R2D2

Droid X

LG Ally
LG Vortex

Motorola Citrus

Motorola Devour

Motorola Xoom

Samsung Continuum
Samsung Fascinate

Samsung Galaxy Tab





LG Optimus
MyTouch 3G

Motorola Charm

Motorola CLIQ XT

Motorola DEFY

Samsung Behold
Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Vibrant

Sidekick 4G

Google Nexus


HTC Hero

HTC Moment

Kyocera Echo
LG Optimus

Motorola i1

Samsung Epic

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Intercept
Samsung Replenish

Samsung Transform

Sanyo Zio

HTC Desire

LG Apex

LG Optimus U

Samsung Acclaim

Samsung Gem
Samsung Mesmerize

Huawei Ascend

LG Optimus M

Samsung Galaxy Indulge

LG Optimus V

Samsung Intercept

Samsung Prevail

LG Optimus C

Installing the Software
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Activation Key Request

First Time Setup
Processing a Sale
E Mail Receipts
Activation Key Request

First Time Setup
Processing a Sale
Activation Key Request
PC Solutions
Keyed - Transaction Central
Transaction Central Demo
Keyed Documentation
Features Overview
Detailed Features
Package Bundles
User Guide (PDF)
Setup Receipt Printer
Add New Card Types

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Primary Merchant Solutions is an ISO/MSP registered with Visa and MasterCard by Member Bank Synovus, Columbus, Georgia