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Blackberry - Settings & Options

Settings, options and defaults for Merchant on the Move for Blackberry!

MID & Company Name
These show you which account (the software can work with multiple accounts) you are using.

Save Password
You can have the software remember your password, if your handheld is otherwise protected.

Representative ID
When you have multiple PDA's in the field, each PDA can have a unique numeric ID to identify which PDA each sale came from. Contact us to get this additional column placed on your online reporting system

Sales Tax Rate
Merchant on the Move Can calculate the Sales Tax for every sale! If you are moving from Venue to Venue, just change the tax rate here at the start of each show!

Always Add Sales Tax
Tax can be added or removed on the screen, but this can prevent you from forgetting it!

Send Signature to Server
Merchant on the Move provides server-side signature storage. The advantage is that you can use your Merchant on the Move's WEB-Based transaction system, "Transaction Central" for viewing and printing these approved transactions with the signature! No more lost receipts!

Edit Receipt Header and Footer
This allows you to customize the top and bottom of your receipts (Your Name cannot be changed with this in accordance with Visa Operating Regulations)

Show Tip Suggestions
On "Service Receipts" (Paper receipts that allow the customer to enter a tip), this displays precalculated amounts for 15%, 18% and 20% tip values.

Auto Print Approved Sales
Do you want the receipt to automatically print as soon as the approval comes back? Just check this box!


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Primary Merchant Solutions is an ISO/MSP registered with Visa and MasterCard by Member Bank Synovus, Columbus, Georgia