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Blackberry - Making a swiped credit card sale

We are now going to perform a swiped Credit Card Transaction, using you Blackberry Device. 


Select the Merchant on the Move icon to start.  This is a good time to turn your Merchant on the Go Reader and Printer on as well!


Enter your Merchant ID (MID) and Password (PWD) if they are not already added. This information is automatically saved so that you can login much faster next time (your can change this from the setting and options screen).

NOTE: If you have multiple merchant accounts a (...) button will appear to the right the MID textbox. Select this button to display and select different your different merchant accounts.


  Once logged in, you get our main menu.

Select "Credit Card Sale".

At this point, you could hand-enter (key) in all the customer information, if for example, your customer had a card with a bad magnetic strip.

To swipe a card instead, just select the "Swipe Card" button.

If this is the first time you are using the Merchant on the Go, you may see a message asking you to select your Bluetooth Device. Once it is selected the information is stored and you will no longer need to do this step.

When you see this message, you are ready to swipe.

Swipe the card as shown.


You will then get this screen, to indicate that the card has been read.

Enter the amount. Then use the keyboard's Enter/Next key. On touch screen devices the amount field to bring up the number pad, and enter the amount.

Press "Next/Enter" button when done or select the Summary tab. You can also enter any optional tip or fee on this screen as well.

Tap in the signature to capture the customer's signature...

The screen will flip sideways, and you can hold the phone for your customer while he signs with fingertip or optional stylus.  Select OK when done.

Here is your transaction...  Just the "Charge" button to process it! 

After a few seconds, you will receive your credit card approval!


Select the Print Receipt button to print your receipt. If you chose to automatically print approvals (setup under options) then there's one less step!  

NOTE:  If you are having the customer sign the printed receipt instead of doing so on, you can easily print an additional copy for them to take home!

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Primary Merchant Solutions is an ISO/MSP registered with Visa and MasterCard by Member Bank Synovus, Columbus, Georgia