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Keyed Solutions
Instantly turn your PC into a powerful credit card processing terminal!
Add-on card swipes and receipt printer available.

PC Solutions - Keyed

Transaction Central™ is a web-based credit card terminal that has all the functionality of an electronic countertop terminal.... AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Enter your transactions with nothing more than your web browser, with Address Verification and CVV2 fraud protection!

Click here for Documentation (3.2MB PDF) l Click here for Demo

Virtual Terminal
  • Real-time, on-line, secure credit card transactions with address verification that is easy to enter.
  • Secure checking or savings account processing with routing number validation
  • Process credits, returns and voids.
Payment Gateway
  • Connect to your shopping cart or Internet interface to obtain secure authorizations and settle transactions automatically.
  • Clear and concise reports track every transaction.
  • Simple administrative features enable fast edits and returns processing.
Reporting System
  • Transaction Detail
  • Transaction Summary
  • Settled Summary
  • Settled Detail Settled
  • Summary Return List
  • Detail ACH Statement
  • ACH Journal All of these reports can be run for any date range, at any time.
Powerful, Low Cost Options
  • ACH (Electronic Check Acceptance)
  • Recurring Billing 
Multi User Logins

Transaction Central is web based, so you can have an unlimited number of people logged in, but sometimes you want to limit access (credits, voids, reports) for your sales force. Multiple logins give you that ability!
  • Available upon request (no additional charge)
  • Create user logins for sales-only access
  • User(s) identified in all reports
  • Know who made each transaction
Mobile Merchants

Transaction Central is your home base for central reporting and management. When using Pocket Verifier, all of your transactions will appear here, even the signatures you collect!

Internet Merchants

Combined with shopping cart technology like KingCart, or OSCommerce, (Click here for a complete list) Transaction Central™ gives you the ability to issue credits and voids and prepare transaction reports. You can enter all your transactions in the store, over the phone or over the Internet on this one system. Your bookkeeping is simplified with single reports that include all your transactions.

Mail/Phone Order Merchants

You can log in as many users as you like into Transaction Central. Every Internet connected computer in your company can be a merchant terminal! No expensive equipment, or multi-user licensing of software is required.

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First Time Setup
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Primary Merchant Solutions is an ISO/MSP registered with Visa and MasterCard by Member Bank Synovus, Columbus, Georgia